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Eye – catching sights, beautiful sceneries but you have very little time to explore all of it. As a tourist coming to visit, you get overwhelmed by the numerous places to visit that you can’t tell specifically which one you must visit. These are perfect examples of some of the problems we face when travelling around the beautiful land of Thai.

A bustling city with great meals, beaches, sacred temples, islands, tourist resorts, waterfalls, national parks etc. Thailand has it all – nature and life.

Thailand is indeed a beautiful city and it gets quite confusing when you’re faced with the decision of choosing the best places to visit especially as tourists. Therefore, this post would help dissipate your confusion by narrowing down your tour to a list of 8 beautiful places you must visit immediately you step on Thailand’s soil:


Although, there are other Islands in Thailand, Phuket Island is the biggest in the country and the most developed. The Island is a hub for many exhilarating activities which range from fishing to the popular Muay Thai fights. Muay Thai is a martial art which involves kicking, punching and fighting. The art requires patience and usually involves many years of practice for one to be well skilled in it. The Island‘s party like atmosphere makes it a popular sight for tourists.


Bangkok is the international capital of Thailand and one of the busiest city in the country. For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the place you would like to be. Bangkok is a flourishing metropolis with tons of amazing buildings, historical museums, sacred temples, malls, clubs and more importantly – abundance of food. Driving through Bangkok is not an easy task especially when you are not used to the traffic and other road challenges so it is advisable for tourists to hire a driver or join a public transport service like cabs, buses etc. Whatever you choose, Bangkok is a must stop for you.


Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand and it is characterized by mountains and hilltops. It is a cultural city with a rich history, the depth of this can be seen in its old city walls when you walk around the city. Chiang mai is an important city with a rich blend of modern and traditional. There are also over 500 Buddhist temples located in the city. One of the most famous of them is ‘Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep’. Hiking and tours across waterfalls are some of the fun activities people of Chiang Mai engage in.


The ancient city was founded in 1350 and is located on an island that is surrounded by three different rivers. The city is also known as Siam, it is a magnificent city with 3 palaces, more temples and up to a million people.

The ancient city of Ayuthaya was conquered by Burmese and this resulted in the moving of the official capital of Thailand to Bangkok. The ruins and remains caused by the battle with the Burmese serve as a kind of historical attraction till date for lovers of history. In the ancient city of Ayuthaya, there is also a popular stone head enclosed in a tree – Another beautiful sight. You might want to rent a motorcycle while touring this city in order to enjoy every moment


This city is famous for its wartime attractions and abundance of parks, waterfalls and caves like Srinakarind National Park etc. The bridge over the River Kwai has a historical significance as it tells the story of laborers who died during its construction in WWII. This bridge is linked with Kanchanaburi’s Death railway. The city is located in the Western part of Thailand.


Chiang Rai is located in the northern part of Thailand and shares borders with Myanmar and Laos. Several distinctive features abound in this city like the large statue of the Chinese God of Mercy – Guan Yin, the White temple, the hot springs and waterfalls etc. Chiang Rai is a quiet city in the day and a bustling one at night


This National Park is a beautiful wildlife reserve located in southern Thailand. It comprises of jungle forests, rivers, lakes and all these serves as a home to animals like wild boar, Asian Elephants, barking deer, langurs, different monkey breeds etc. Tourists can walk through certain trails to the waterfall and just revel in the beauty of the wildlife reserve


Koh Phangan is a place of wild parties and seeking for pleasure. There are varieties of food sold at night and these parties are usually on the increase during the full moon. Koh Phangan is a place that has a spot for everybody – calm beaches, waterfalls etc. for nature lovers. Tourists looking for inner balance and peace could also check out its meditation and yoga centres, retreats etc.

All these beautiful must visit places are just a few to help you narrow down your tour yet still get the best out of your trip. Thailand is truly a place for all kinds of tourist – the nature lovers, the history lovers, the culture lovers and even the fun lovers. Thailand is a city with a blend of ancient cultural traditions and modern innovations which makes it worth the tour.

Now that your tour list has been narrowed to specific locations, the next step is contacting a car rental outlet that would help solve your mobility issues. Fun is driving to all these places yourself, at your own pace and enjoying every moment of your tour. Hiring a car for your tour provides you with a certain comfort and ease as you travel along and watch those beautiful sceneries. Quick and motorcycle rental outlet is your go – to company for all of your car rental needs. Whatever style or size of car you need can be catered for at the most affordable rate ever. Quick cares to make your tour as comfortable as possible and that’s why we offer fast and reliable services that suits your tour needs.

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