Nonthaburi was established for over 400 years. Previously, this was a densely populated village. Known as "Baan Talat Kwan" is a fertile land due to being on the bank of the Chao Phraya River and is a famous fruit orchard of Ayutthaya. Today, there is a change of residence of people who migrated from all parts of the country. In addition, some parts of the provinces in some districts also support the growth of the industry. There is a lot of land allocation and construction of industrial plants. It can be said that the eastern part of the province, which has an area adjacent to Bangkok Still part of Bangkok Nonthaburi Province also has many interesting tourist attractions. Both the chic and vintage shooting locations at Wat Ramaram, beautiful Nonthaburi Province, there are still many tourist attractions to visit. If anyone likes to travel about agriculture in the style of Baan Suan Nonthaburi, there are
There are also many beautiful restaurants, cafes and holidays if you don't want to travel. After that you can drive to Nonthaburi.

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