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Quick is Thailand #1 Car and Motorbike rental service, provider
We develop a unique platform with our own build system which provides top class and fastest way to find your ideal distance and prices for your trip, and even most important the convenience of finding a car by our recommendation through our high-performance system.

We currently focus our operation in Thailand, nationwide. In time, we are aiming to spread our wings and be the leader in car rental industries, not limited to South East Asia but globally.

We ensure our customers receive the service quality, and we take care of every customer with full guidance and 24/7 support from our professional staff while using our platform.
Our objective is to fulfill your needs and satisfaction in experiencing the quickest and the most convenient car rental services, together with the best deals in the market. We are committed to assuring you a safe and pleasant trip. We serve you better and make your dream trip fun and easy.

Our Story

We all know how much people love the convenience and the comfort of a car. How awesome it is to take your family or friends to a dream weekend trip or to arrive in time and in style to that business meeting. But owning one comes with significant expenses and with the hassle of storage and maintenance as well. That’s why we designed a better way to make use of a car, without the responsibilities of owning one. We designed an intuitive online platform that offers fast rentals with a simple step by step booking and returns process, along with car collection in the closest location. 

We’re two ambitious brothers with a dream to change the way people think about car rentals. We founded “Quick” in Thailand where it’s currently operating, with plans to take over the world soon. Our project sprouted from a two-man crew, one of us handling the IT part from China and one working diligently to settle everything in Thailand. Our hard work and dedication paid off faster than we ever hoped, as we got funded within record time and made it possible for us to expand our product and to work on implementing new features.

We are “Quick”, and we stand by our name. We want to get you into the perfect car for you, in the fastest way possible. With a few touches, completely cashless and paperless experience, our platform is meant to connect you with the right vehicle for your personal or professional needs. We serve all our customers and clients with great satisfaction, and we always believe building a good relationship with them is the main purpose of making a better us.

'We are here to served' 
'We are here to solved'
'We are here to make a difference'

Best Choice With Best Deals

Drive Your Dream Trip


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